Wahclella Falls Elopement – Holly & Aaron

Wahclella Falls Elopement.

Wahclella Falls outside of Portland is probably one of the most awe inducing sites we’ve seen in the past few years. When Holly inquired with us and mentioned she wanted to elope in front of the waterfall we were overjoyed. The hike in was quite beautiful, but you come around a bend in the trail and an almost magical scene is laid out before your eyes. There are giant boulders, mossy cliffs, strewn logs, and an incredible water fall on full blast. Here is their gorgeous day.wahclella-falls-elopement-0004wahclella-falls-elopement-0001 wahclella-falls-elopement-0002 wahclella-falls-elopement-0003 wahclella-falls-elopement-0005oregon waterfall wedding photo wahclella-falls-elopement-0007 wahclella-falls-elopement-0009 wahclella-falls-elopement-0010 wahclella-falls-elopement-0011 wahclella-falls-elopement-0012 wahclella-falls-elopement-0013 wahclella-falls-elopement-0014 wahclella-falls-elopement-0015 wahclella-falls-elopement-0016 wahclella-falls-elopement-0017 wahclella-falls-elopement-0018 wahclella-falls-elopement-0019 wahclella-falls-elopement-0020 wahclella-falls-elopement-0021 wahclella-falls-elopement-0022wahclella-falls-elopement-0024wahclella-falls-elopement-0023 wahclella-falls-elopement-0025wahclella-falls-elopement-0027wahclella-falls-elopement-0026 wahclella-falls-elopement-0028 wahclella-falls-elopement-0029 wahclella-falls-elopement-0030 wahclella-falls-elopement-0031 wahclella-falls-elopement-0032 wahclella-falls-elopement-0033 wahclella-falls-elopement-0034 wahclella-falls-elopement-0035 wahclella-falls-elopement-0036 wahclella-falls-elopement-0037 wahclella-falls-elopement-0038 wahclella-falls-elopement-0039 wahclella-falls-elopement-0040 wahclella-falls-elopement-0041 wahclella-falls-elopement-0042 wahclella-falls-elopement-0043wahclella-falls-elopement-0049 wahclella-falls-elopement-0047portland-elopement-photo002 wahclella-falls-elopement-0048 wahclella-falls-elopement-0050wahclella-falls-elopement-0044

  • Nessa said:

    Always so good. I absolutely love this. I want to go to the falls and have a fancy dress party now <3

  • Urška Majer said:


  • Mikeythevee said:

    Wow guys, seriously unreal...that moss wall?!? I friggin love Oregon + your images just take it to another level!

  • maureen macdonald said:

    Absolutely stunning. Who needs words when we can look at pictures like this. Fabulous photographer.

  • jenny said:

    wow what a dream to photograph! amazing work as usual!!

  • Daphne said:

    Wow! these are beautiful! Love!

  • Phil said:

    I'm glad we're neighbors. I like having really talented neighbor frands.

  • Jacqueline said:

    Holy crap! So much beauty. I can't think of a more beautiful place to elope. I'm also super envious of all that moss, so lovely. Beautiful work :)

  • Michael and Carina said:

    Lovely work!

  • Jack Chauvel said:

    Such an awesome place, amazing Idea and lovely photos :)

  • Alan Langley said:

    Wow - absolutely stunnig location and fabulous pictures of a great couple.

  • Adonye Jaja said:

    beautiful especially those last few black and whites! well done!

  • Jakob said:

    Cool couple, cool location and cool photos. Well done, guys.

  • Porter said:

    freaking gorgeous as usual you two. love those mountain top portraits

    • Yaneck Wasiek said:

      absolutely gorgeous photos and even more wedding location. Gorgeous!

  • Jessica Schilling said:

    This is stunning! I love their style and the scenery is so gorgeous.

  • bryan said:

    this is too good. TOO GOOD. like WHAT??

  • ed peers said:

    Now that is awesome...

  • Anton Chia said:

    Magical place, beautiful shots, wonderful couple!

  • Steve Koo said:

    Lovely, lovely work guys.

  • Alyssa Schroeder said:

    Sighhh. What a place to elope! Incredible work. I love how you even got a dress shot in the same spot. Her flowers and floral crown are perfection too.

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  • nadine said:


  • Roberto said:

    Amazing! beautiful shots, beautiful place, beautiful work!!!!

  • Maggie said:

    A waterfall?! I can't imagine a cooler location! Awesome shots too!

  • Maria said:

    Wow, stunning pictures.

  • Jonathan Hon said:

    I wish we had waterfalls in Orlando !!! Such an amazing set guys !!!

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  • jinelle besneatte said:

    So inspiring! Truly dreamy.