VSCO Film 07 Review|Eclectic Films| Before & After

VSCO Film 07 the “Eclectic Films” released today. Below are some before/after examples of a selection of the films.

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Agfa Ultra 100

Fuji Pro 160s

Agfa Portrait XPS 160

Fuji Sensia 100

Kodak Elite 50 ii

Ilford Pan f plus

Kodak Ectachrome 64 Alt

Kodak Ectachrome 64 Alt

Kodak Ektar 25

Kodak Ektar 25 Cool

  • jonas karlsson said:

    very nicely displayed

  • Nathan Walker said:

    great post. I think i'll add 07 to my collection. Thanks Sara.

  • Kat Smith said:

    This is so cool! the images are stunning!

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  • Simon Dewey Photography said:

    Thanks for sharing these.

  • Dan Ward said:

    Oh guys this is actually awesome! Incredible work and the new pack looks awesome. Once again going to have to invest!

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    great review!

  • christine mcnally said:

    this is a brilliant guide, thank you!

  • Pande said:

    so Damn Cool guys

  • Kristien said:

    Thanks for sharing! I've been contemplating if this pack would be something for me and your before and after photos are really helping me make up my mind

  • Joseph said:

    The second review of VSCO 7 that I have seen. and it is consistent in its looks. Great comparison with the sooc.

  • ote said:

    wow. such a great experience before considering to buy it. thanks dylan and sara. I always love your work so much

  • tonio said:

    thanks for side-by-side comparison!!

  • Alex said:

    cool, looking forward for the pack 07 to use in my work as well!

  • Melissa said:

    wow! I love this!! Can you do more of before and after? Thanks!!!!!

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    amazing, post process...so beautifully detailed, greener greens and amazing blues...excellent

  • Mari said:

    Amazing pictures!! :O Love them!


  • Allan Higa said:

    I love how this set contains films that are subtle with impact. I love the look and feel of film and in a lot of the previous sets the film's character could feel overpowering. I see myself using this a lot in the future!

  • Priya said:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Jamie Hyatt said:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing

  • Steve Phan said:

    What is best VSCO film package? I found this 7 is far the best

  • Francis said:

    Hello, I would like to talk to you about photography, it would be possible?

  • Adams Photo Art said:

    hmm, after getting the First collection I am thinking this mAY be the next one, really interesting

  • Shannen said:

    I can't view the images on this review or the 00 pack ones! :(

  • Dorette said:

    Hi Dylan & Sara, I really appreciate your reviews on the vsco film packs. However, I can't seem to view the images on vsco film 07? Thanks :)

  • Jonas Müller said:

    wow thank you!!!