Elza + Brandon

Elza + Brandon.  Married. Cool. Like super cool. As in they were in a band together, Saint James Society and she owns a vintage clothing company Fauve & Hunter. Elza told me she grew up in the south of France, went to art school, and now wants to focus on painting vintage leather jackets. We spent an hour hangin in their home, drinking canned wine and chatting about travels. Here are some photos of two of the sweetest most welcoming people. Honest, intimate, and beautiful.tattoed-couple-portraits-0003tattoed-couple-portraits-0005 tattoed-couple-portraits-0006 tattoed-couple-portraits-0007 tattoed-couple-portraits-0008tattoed-couple-portraits-0004tattoed-couple-portraits-0001tattoed-couple-portraits-0002 tattoed-couple-portraits-0009intimate-couple001tattoed-couple-portraits-0013 tattoed-couple-portraits-0014 tattoed-couple-portraits-0015tattoed-couple-portraits-0012 tattoed-couple-portraits-0016 tattoed-couple-portraits-0017

  • Neha said:

    I love absolutely everything about this. I used to shoot portraits of people with tattoos and looking through these pictures makes me miss it so much. Beautiful work, guys!

    Neha // httpss://nehasharmaphoto.com/blog/

  • Shuroop said:

    Amazing, I have feeling that I watched some art house movie only looking at this photos. So much life, personality and feelings in these pictures. bravo!

  • alyssa armstrong said:

    these are ridiculously cool. you guys are awesome!

  • monaliza said:

    beautiful pictures <3

    Love, monaliza


  • Louie said:

    Unreal guys

  • Kat said:

    This entire photoshoot is so gorgeous, lovely and intimate, I wish one day I will be able to capture such myself.

  • Jonas Karlsson said:

    So gritty yet ethereal Some serious portraiture being executed here.

  • Kausthub said:

    Truly inspiring work... the portrait work you guys do are excellent. keep up the excellent work....