Hawaii Bridal Portraits | Cadence + Sasha

Images made on the island of Maui. Far away from the resorts and palm trees.

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We found this spot the night before our workshop in Maui. Far away from the resorts and palm trees. The incredible couple, Cadence and Sasha, are rad humans and we couldn’t have been happier to have met them.

Stylist: Opihi Love || Bridal Attire: Salt on the Rocks || Hair/Makeup: Ry-n Shimabuku-Makeup Artist  || Headpiece: Hushed Commotion


  • Niklas Andersen said:

    Stunning as always! And i love the new design

  • Laura said:

    So so beautiful! And I absolutely love the new design you guys. x


  • Břízinka said:

    This is absolutely the most beautiful couple I've ever seen. I love the passion and sincerity♥

  • Herr Holzner said:

    Great! love them! Also great new website! Congrats!

  • Aaron DuRall said:

    Looking great, guys! I dig the new site.

  • Charlotte Buckle said:

    These are stunning photos and these human beings are also stunning! Wow :)

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  • María said:

    Gorgeous work.

    Nice design :)

  • Dan Ward said:

    This is insanely good as always, I'd expect nothing less now! Also - your new website is sick!!

  • Oona Julia said:

    Such a beautiful photos. lOTS OF HEARTS!

  • peter said:

    amazing as always!

  • Braden Kenyon said:

    Stunning wedding photography. lovely couple

  • gee said:

    what's wrong with palm trees? :) love every frame

  • louie said:

    inspiring guys

  • Jon said:

    Those locations are just amazing, the volcanic formations remind me of New Zealand. And love the new site, of course :)

  • Emilia said:

    this is so beautiful!!

  • Chia said:

    I think I just fell in love. You can feel so much Just looking at these photos. <3<3<3

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  • Johannes said:

    Love the closeups. Amazing as always!