Big Sur Elopement | Beatriz + Morgan

Big Sur Elopement | Beatriz + Morgan

Beatriz and Morgan eloped in Big Sur California, one of the most romantic places on earth. Where else can you be emerse yourself in thousand year old trees, miles of waves, and endless cliffs all within a short walk or drive?

Simple and beautiful. These two ditched the idea of a big wedding and instead decided on an intimate celebration of love surrounded by beautiful scenery. They focused on what mattered most to them, a meaningful spiritual ceremony and spending time connecting with each other. 

“I never imagined that one could be wed in such an adventurous and liberating way.” Beatriz

To be able to witness this connection within a couple who radiates their love with every cell in their body is truly beautiful. We try and use our cameras to tell their story but it’s only through truly experiencing their energy can one understand this connection. We hope these images give you a glimpse into two humans who were made to be together.

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  • Kate Ann said:

    ohh my goodness! These are some of my favorite images of yours! Those tones are making me swoon so much!

  • Petar said:

    Crazy good!!

  • Valerie (Our Ruins) said:

    These are gorgeous photos! Big Sur is truly the perfect place for an elopement!

  • Forester Fotógrafos said:

    Amazing! as always! we love those kind of intimate weddings.

  • ben bienow said:

    so so good.

  • Eleanor said:

    Wow! What an amazing intimate day captured beautifully.

  • Glenn said:

    Insanely good. Just... all of it

  • Bali Wedding Photography said:

    This is Real Storytelling, love the tonal as always. D & S you guys amazing <3

  • Angela Tracey said:

    Seriously breathtaking. The first one of the couple down on the beach with that mist in the air...fantastic work!

  • Karlis said:

    So awesome, great work! <3

  • Rob said:

    Beautiful work guys! What an amazing place.

  • Gerry said:

    Ahh.. wow. Yes, ahhh... No words.

  • Paula said:

    Wow!!! These are amazing guys. The very first one is my absolute fav, what a location!

  • Dado Calabresi said:

    Awesome history, insane photos!

  • Poppiesandme said:

    Incredibly awesome! beautiful location and those intimate portraits is so so good!

  • Albert Palmer said:

    Big Sur is the best - you guys rocked this one - amazing!

  • Jaakko Sorvisto said:

    Well, that editing suits so well to that atmosphere. I have watched these like 3 times through :)

  • Gabe Tanase said:


  • Mariam Lezcano said:

    Without words... just...WOW!

  • damian burcher said:

    Lovely feel to your images, what a great location, woods, log cabin, waterfalls, coast, amazing.

  • bryan said:

    absolutely unreal. like. efff.

  • heather nan said:

    Well, shoot.. This was just perfect.

  • helca said:

    lovely and gorgeous photos, really beautiful:) I can see they had sweet wedding and really great place for it:)

  • Dan Ward said:

    How can you work just be so perfect? Absolutely beautiful as always guys!!!

  • Heather Kanillopoolos said:

    Your work is so bold and cinematic!!

  • Pedro Bellido said:

    Perfect photos, awesome place!

  • Teresa K said:

    What a beautiful, beautiful elopement...I love the intimacy and sense of place you've established in these well done!

  • Fran said:

    WoW!! what a place for a wedding! great light, congratulations.

  • Eric Ronald said:

    Oh man. This is too good

  • Veronica Varos said:

    Gorgeous! The shot of him helping her climb the boulder in front of the crashing waves tugs at my heart strings. What a moment in such a spectacular setting.

  • Will Kim said:

    this is nuts! seriously so beautiful!

  • Luis said:

    DAAAAAYUUMM.gif so good. Makes me want to go back to Big Sur.

  • Jason said:

    Epic location for an elopement, and wonderfully captured - Dylan and Sara you guys are amazing. Congrats to Beatriz and Morgan!

  • Neil Palmer said:

    Amazing images guys ! And a setting to die for. Luv it !

  • Mariana Carvallo said:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I will be definitely contacting you guys soon!!! awesome work and inspiration!!

  • Jean said:

    These images are absolutely enchanting!

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  • Jon Tinkler said:

    Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant in its simplicity, and your use of that gorgeous light is great. Nice :)

  • Kathryn Gillespie said:

    These photos are stunning beyond words.

  • Joe said:

    freakin love these, hope to one day shoot a wedding like it

  • Che Birch-Hayes said:

    What I love is the amazingly consistent style as photographers you achieve. Amazing work. great stuff

  • stewart girvan said:

    wow! love your work! very inspirational!