A Very Foggy Engagement | Brittany + Tyler

Abandoned barn. An old set of railroad tracks. A thick blanket of fog. All of these things in one engagement session? That’s pretty alright with us.

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  • Sachin said:

    Killer location amigos!
    Je dig ..

  • Meredith Adams said:

    I love the windblown hair. beautiful shots.

  • Joseph West said:

    Completely jealous of this location. You killed the shoot + coloring.

  • Jessica Schilling said:

    Gorgeous and cozy and sweet!

  • Dale Lempa said:

    Cool stuff, great posing. Your filmic post processing complements the fog nicely.

  • Leo said:

    Gorgeous, as always. The fog really adds to the ethereal atmosphere. Seriously love this one: httpss://www.sarakbyrne.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/boise-foggy-engagement-photo-21.jpg

  • Jenny GG said:

    wow - love the fog, the barn, the old tracks... pretty much everything about this is awesome

  • Sylvia said:

    Amazing atmosphere and portraits. J'aime !

  • Bec said:

    beautiful!! Location is amazing, and these guys look great together. Love the moodiness of these.

  • Richard said:

    Beautiful captured !! So much emotion & feeling expressed from these shots.

  • Jonathan David said:

    Wow! How sweet! Love the atmosphere and mood of this session - gorgeous work!

  • Paul Benjamin said:

    While the location looks like it was cold and miserable, Brittany and Tyler radiate warmth.

    I could wax on and on about the wonderful tones and exposure but frankly that's not important. There are two people who shared a wonderful session with you and with these pictures they will remember that for ever. Bravo!

  • Gavin Farrington said:

    Wow beautiful space, weather, barn, tracks... all of it! Excellent work, Sara.

  • Stefan Hellberg said:

    great location and lovely couple. Really like the wind blown hair shots!

  • Kari Bellamy said:

    Wow- you were understating the fog. I love the added magical element the fog brings! Lovely work Sara!

  • Sarah Der said:

    Um, can I please be her?! Because she is lovely and has just about the cutest nose on Earth. Also this fog is amazing. You guys are ridiculous, just sayin'.

  • Heather J said:

    Yup. Yup yup yup. You kids know what you're doing.

  • Teresa K said:

    Wow, what a way to rock the elements!! So much goodness here!!

  • Brittany said:

    I love you guys! Thank you for such great memories!!!

  • Marianne said:

    So dreamy and lovely. This is such a great set. You guys always rock it!

  • Jakob said:

    Tres cool, guys. Fog is the new black.

  • Kelsie Taylor said:

    these are GORGEOUS! i love the setting.

  • s h e r r y said:

    Looove these. The warm tones are beautiful! :D

  • Lissa said:

    Gorgeous! I love the ones in front of the barn... and, well, all of them. :)

  • Calli said:

    Love the warm tones with the fog!! Stunning, as usual.

  • Holly said:

    You should have this couple on your cover page, Also their wedding photo's great looking couple!! Awesome photography!!

  • derek martinez said:

    Such a lovely engagement, beautiful work Sara!