Surprise Proposal | Caitlan + Dominique

When our friend Dom pulled us aside and asked us if we could photograph his proposal we were overjoyed. He quickly hatched a plan, we would fake a mentor session for a photographer (Sara’s sister) and of course we would need a couple to shoot. He would volunteer them for the spot in front of the camera.

The day arrived, the “fake” engagement shoot was incredibly beautiful.. Our student was taking notes on camera settings, posing, etc.. and then he did it. He asked her on a cliff overlooking a beautiful river canyon. She had no idea it was coming.

Congratulations you two.


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  • Victoria Kerns said:

    Breathtaking photos. Thank you for capturing this special moment and day for this amazing couple! You captured their love and Caitlan's beauty perfectly!!

  • kramerowa said:

    romantic couple, romantic place, romantic moments...

  • Kim said:

    I'm so in love with the fact that the majority of these photos happened before the proposal -- moments of pure bliss that will be treasured forever, no doubt!

  • Jessica Schilling said:

    These are so gorgeous and I love the secret plan! Looks like an amazing day.

  • Caryn Canatella said:

    Beautiful images and beautiful love. So much joy in these!

  • Debbie Berho aka Mom said:

    Great to see my son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law SO happy. Amazing photos.

  • Jimmy said:

    Shooting your friends is always special. Amazing images and awesome location! I'm sure they loved their shots.

  • AKP Photography said:

    Absolutely stunning photos!!

  • Christian said:

    Holy sh*t. (sorry for the cussing). There are so many freaking gorgeous frames in here. When I got to this one httpss://, I thought that it would definitely be my favourite, then there were more, and more, and more. Wow. Killer stuff!

  • small said:

    Aww! I love a surprise. These photos are so great.

  • rahul said:

    What a beautiful place to propose! Stunning images.

  • Mandy said:

    Holy crap. Nothing can beat that view! Truly amazing shots, I bet they are THRILLED to have these photos. Great work guys.

  • Rachelle said:

    STUNNING. What an awesome surprise to plan for your partner. Just gorgeous,

  • Chris - Smudged Photo said:

    Haha! I love crazy cool ideas like this, and the photos are to die for. Ace work!

  • Danny said:

    I don't even know what to comment because these are so good. I mean like how sweet is that guy!

  • Tyler said:

    umm well these are insane. still stairing at this httpss://

  • Lindsay Anne Dransfield said:

    Oh my goshhhh! I just saw these. They are absolutely astounding. What a great plan. Perfect light, timing, compositions, everything.

  • Shannen said:

    These photos are so amazing. Photography goals for real! I wish I could learn from you!