Think Warm Thoughts | Snow Portraits of Kelsie Fields

Think Warm Thoughts | Snow Portraits of Kelsie Fields

Cold toes, frozen hands, and a blanket of snow. We should have bundled, but what is the fun in that? The temperature reached a whopping 13 degrees. It was cold.

Kelsie and I have known each other for a while now, and we always seem to make magic together. These photos are from last winter but I hadn’t gotten around to posting them until now. Fairly appropriate seeing as half the country is covered in snow.

These are some of my favorites. They feel so calming to me. Kelsie made the frigid day feel warm and inviting.


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  • serafin said:

    Increible! Que ganas de veros en Madrid!

  • Lisa Pires said:

    oh! and then i woke up and saw this shoot and i died!! just beautiful!

  • Lam said:

    This is amazing portrait of her. I love how you play with the warm sunlight.

  • Laura said:

    These are incredible! I'm stunned about all this beauty. The light, the colors, her beautiful hair, the flowers, everything's matching. Laura

  • Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] said:

    I love these.

  • AKP Photography said:

    Hoooly crap!! These look freakin amazing!!!!! :D

  • br√∂llopsfotograf-stockholm said:

    Great images!! Beutiful model. :)

  • Alex - Essex Wedding Photographer said:

    The light on these is wonderful, though having said that, the black and white over the shoulder portrait is beautiful.

  • drapejnik said:

    This is amazing! Color incredible! Color improbable! How you processed these photos? thanks)

  • Sydney said:

    What do you edit with? These are beyond beautiful.