Romance in SpainRomance in Spain

Madrid, Spain. What a wonderful place to be inspired. Not just because of the¬†beauty of the city: the art, the food, the history. The people have such a crazy positive energy about them. It’s one of our favorites places.

These photos are from the workshop we taught in Madrid with the Workshop Experience crew.

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  • rachel clarke said:

    love these. so intimate and powerful.

  • Albert Palmer said:

    I like this - I like this a lot! Beautiful work guys

  • luis cabeza said:

    woow! beautiful work!

  • Phil said:

    this b&w post blows my mind...

  • /mariahedengren said:

    Oh, this is intense and beautiful, and perfect.

  • Dan Ward said:

    These are so gorgeous, love your black and white its magical :)

  • Anton Chia said:

    Very nice black and white photography

  • Kristian Leven said:

    Brilliantly moody guys, complete win.

  • tobiah said:

    absolutely epic and powerful

  • Teresa K said:

    So moody and wonderful!! Very inspiring.

  • Jason said:

    Talk about mastering black&white images - bravo, love the connection between these 2, you share a real intimacy with your clients.

    • David Tynan said:

      Fantastic work - love your use of colour!

  • Amy Barton said:

    I have no words for the 'epic-ness' of this set of images! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

  • Sarah said:

    Love the moody contrast of the black and white with the intimacy of these. So gorgeous

  • Justin R said:

    Love these strong black and white images, beautiful work as always!

  • jennifer armstrong said:

    love the b&w. Gorgeous journey with these two.

  • Kim said:

    I see y'all are keepin' it epic.

    Carry on. ;)

  • Ka said:


  • Luz Neutra said:

    Wow, I can't stop looking this pictures!

  • Ira said:

    Really great post!

  • Heather Kanillopoolos said:

    Gorgeous, moody work. Stunning!

  • Alexander Zacharov said:

    beautiful b&w set

  • Raul Revuelta said:

    Superb session, great mood with amazing editing, Very inspiring.

  • haval said:

    so nice picture

  • Cami said:

    Me encantaron las fotos, simplemente perfectas

  • Andrey said:

    Amazing Light !!!

  • Eric Draht said:

    all of these are taking my breathe away. Just insane.

  • Stewart girvan said:

    awesome, awesome work!