Oregon Coast Engagement – Paula & Nik

A lovely day to adventure to the Oregon Coast. Paula and Nik had a few days to explore the Portland area during their Western USA trip and we’re super happy they spent the afternoon with us. It was so much fun getting chased by rogue waves and making these photographs. portland engagement photo 001portland engagement photo 002portland engagement photo 003portland engagement photo 004portland engagement photo 006portland engagement photo 032portland engagement photo 009portland engagement photo 010portland engagement photo 008portland engagement photo 007portland engagement photo 011portland engagement photo 012portland engagement photo 034portland engagement photo 016portland engagement photo 017portland engagement photo 018portland engagement photo 020portland engagement photo 021portland engagement photo 015portland engagement photo 022portland engagement photo 023portland engagement photo 031portland engagement photo 024portland engagement photo 025portland engagement photo 026portland engagement photo 029oregon-coast-engagement-photo 001portland engagement photo 027portland engagement photo 028

  • Barry said:

    Lovely fun photos.

  • Sachin Khona said:

    One of my favourites of yours. Love their style!

  • caroline said:

    Really diggin' this couple's style. So many great frames in here but this one really sticks out for me: httpss://www.dylandsara.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/paula-nick-002891.jpg

  • Becky Young said:

    What a fun session! The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places in the whole country, you captured it beautifully.

  • John Bello said:

    These are BEAUTIFUL. I love this couple!

  • Jessica Tremp said:


  • Jack Chauvel said:

    Gosh I must visit the Oregon coast. Very inspirational guys.

  • damian burcher said:

    Great set. Love the processing on your black and whites. Brilliant last frame.

  • rebekah j. said:

    oh golly fantastic.

  • heather e said:

    totally IN LOVE with this whole session. everything about it. love how you worked in the drops of water into double exposure.

  • ayesha said:

    so, so good. that coastline is crazy gorgeous! i love the last two frames especially - so sweet and genuine.

  • Rachelle said:

    I love how these convey a sense of simple, comfortable romance. They seem so at ease with each other - beautiful!

  • Nora said:

    Stunning! Especially the black and white shots.

  • Mandy said:

    Stunning work as usual! I adore all of the shots with the water dripping in front of them. Great stuff!

  • Douglas Pettway said:

    Really beautiful! I'm loving the diversity in locations.

  • Cole said:

    Wicked couple, killer location, life is good.

  • Nathan Gilmer said:

    These are so pretty! I love the Pacific Northwest.

  • Kristen Morgan said:

    I love that scene in the woods. Like Bella and Edward! Love it

  • Chris Turner said:

    What wonderful scenery for an engagement shoot. Fantastic photos too!