Metropolitan Club New York Wedding | Shooting with Ryan Brenizer

This spring Ryan Brenizer invited me to come shoot a wedding with him at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. It was an amazing experience, seeing a guy named Top Ten Wedding Photographer work his magic in a setting far from the fields and mountains I’m used to shooting in. Needless to say, I enjoyed every second.

This was the most opulent venue I’ve ever seen, with a history and mystique that can never be replicated in Idaho. It was also very much like every wedding I’ve shot, at the heart of the day there were two people in love.

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  • Paige Thomas (@tuffentiny) said:


  • Cinzia said:

    stunning places! stunning pics!

  • Jean said:

    Sara, these are such beautiful images. You really did an incredible job. Breathtaking!

  • Jessica said:

    what a gorgeous wedding! great work.

  • Jack Chauvel said:

    Yew just awesome. Love the use of light and shadows in the whole set :)

  • Yuriy said:

    These are AWESOME! Love the black and whites.

  • Meredith Adams said:

    Wow, so extravagant and beautiful! The bride is gorgeous. You took lovely shots!

  • tim riddick said:

    oh my.... your black and whites are freaking amazing.

  • shari said:

    Sara.... These are absolutely stunning!

  • Lara said:

    I'm loving this. That location is to die for and I love the coverage you've given here. Wonderful.

  • Nora said:

    Simply gorgeous Sara!

  • Renee Gravelle Bonuccelli said:

    Stunning work! I love your use of light! What a gorgeous wedding!

  • Dale Lempa said:

    Way cool; well done. Great muted tones.

  • Kari Bellamy said:

    What a stunning wedding, and such amazing light!! AMAZING work Sarah :)

  • Mary Sylvia said:

    This one httpss:// makes me think I'm in a movie from the 30's, I love it! Also, LOVE her hair!

  • Serena Severtson said:

    Oh, these are just incredible and she is absolutely stunning! Loving every shot here. :)

  • Brian Kraft said:

    Dude, yeah! Just all the way round- YEAH!!

  • Julianne said:

    I LOVE all of this. Just amazing!

  • Mercedes said:

    Oh wow! Everything is so beautiful! I love your black and whites.

  • Paul Benjamin said:

    Absolutely loving these Sarah, it's interesting to see a wedding from another photographers perspective because your style is so very different, and complementary, to Ryan's.

    As for the wedding itself the history and grandeur of the venue while impressive, pales in comparison to the closeness and togetherness of both the couple and their families. You caught this perfectly, well done!

  • Len said:

    You are KILLING it! I love every single image!

  • Kelsie Taylor said:

    these are gorgeous!! i looove your black and whites.

  • s h e r r y said:

    Beautiful images!!

  • V Tran said:

    Great photos from a beautiful wedding! Interesting to see your photos and Ryan's from the same event.. both different but both awesome.

  • Vitaly said:

    Pretty rediculous[ly awesome]!

  • Mariana Maya said:

    OMG! just saw your work for the first time. AWESOME!

    Beautiful couple! My favorites are you b&W images of the couple dancing.. as if the world disappeared and only left them two.

  • Celeste Pavlik said:

    Wow, these are probably the most dynamic and emotive wedding photos I 've ever seen!!

  • nadine said:

    beautiful, sara!

  • Sarah Rominger said:

    Even out of your element, you can perform, and perform well, Sara. =)

  • Luke said:

    great set... just got onto your website through twitter :) really happy I got it :) superb work!

  • mike garrard said:

    Wow, great pictures and I love that first shot... incredible light.