Madrid Workshop at BodaF Europe 2014

February was a busy month for us. Sara taught a workshop with Nessa K in Austin, Texas and then we flew straight to Madrid to talk at a wedding photographer conference and teach another workshop! It was an amazing experience to speak in front of a couple hundred wedding photographers and hear the other amazing talks by fellow photographers Ross Harvey, Tanja Lippert, and Ryan Muirhead. Even more, it was meeting and hanging out with the people of Spain that made the trip unforgettable. Late night wine drinking and jamón.  Here are a few images from our workshop.

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  • Emily said:

    This is amazing! I hadn't heard of BodaF before; I MUST check it out.

  • Ruben Diez said:

    Hi guys, I´m the handsome boy of the left with the finger in top
    this workshop was a wonderful experience, you are very nice people and great photographers,
    I miss you

  • Pablo Beglez said:

    Thank you very much for that evening was amazing

  • Chris - Smudged Photo said:

    Argh, I would've killed to be at this workshop. Looks like everyone had an awesome time. Great photos.


    almost 2 years and I still find very useful information in the notes I wrote !!

    Thanks a Lot !!