Idaho Forest Engagement | Andrea + Ryan

She knows which birds are singin’ And the names of the trees where they’re performin’

Andrea and Ryan. These two are a gorgeous pair, so effortlessly in love. We decided to head to the forest for their engagement session. They both seemed so at home in nature, at one point we noticed that Andrea was whistling back and forth with a few nearby birds. It was amazing.

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  • Nikkol said:

    So lovely. Beautiful light.

  • Lara said:

    wow, these are so beautiful. And that shot over the water. Arhhh, crazy.

  • Daniel H. said:

    Beautiful set. Love the location and tones.

  • Tobiah said:

    Wow these are absolutely beautiful. I love the flowers in the first part and I love your compositions, particularly the one over the water with the couple lay down. Perfect.

  • ed peers said:

    Crazy good Sara.

  • james readhead said:

    stunning images in a beautiful setting. amazing job!!!

  • Albert Palmer said:

    Love that first shot in the forest - beautiful light!

  • rahul said:

    Seriously gorgeous work!!!! Beautiful work Sara.

  • Ashley said:

    Wow - insanely beautiful! She is gorgeous and they have a great connection ..

  • kongwai said:

    These are amazing !

  • mathias fast said:

    oookay. these are all awesome but that first one is %100 LEGIT!

  • Steve Koo said:

    Totally stunning! Love the mix of moody + playful!

  • small said:

    what a magical location! fantastic work!

  • Sam said:

    The first shot makes me all happy and warm inside, I love it. Andrea is drop dead gorgeous!

  • Dustin Hall said:

    Lovely photos, she's gorgeous

  • Teresa K said:

    What a stunner...LOVE these images

  • Kellee Walsh said:

    Gorgeous! Amazing locations. Stunning work.

  • AunieSauce said:

    Cute. I've known these 2 since college. So happy they're SO HAPPY! :)

  • Mary Sylvia said:

    Gorgeous. Ever time I stop by I feel like I could see your posts as editorial spreads in print :)

  • Meredith Adams said:

    gorg :)

  • AKP Photography said:

    Such a beautiful session! Love the matte look :D

  • Dale Lempa said:

    Way cool, awesome ideas. Love that shot of them on the corner of the dock.

    • Jon Tinkler said:

      Love the simplicity and colour palette - nice one

  • Derek Martinez said:

    What a beautiful couple and gorgeous session!