Eloping in Iceland // Jess + Matt // Part 1

Jess and Matt.

The first time you travel to Iceland you expect to see beautiful scenery, giant waterfalls, snowy peaks and massive glaciers. It’s funny how some of the little things really stand out, like the moss and how you sink into it and feels like standing on pillows. The other worldly light that seems to not exist any where else. The shocking discovery there are almost zero trees. Or, if you’re with two people who are about to get married, the real genuine connection you feel between them.

Jess & Matt invited us to come along to Iceland with them, a place that meant a great deal to them. Where they would intimately read their vows to one another and take a week before their wedding to relax and see some beautiful things.

Part 1 of 2: Iceland


  • Mallory said:

    This is gorgeous! Beyond perfect.

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    So so so so so so so good. Wow. Just wow.

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    what in the actual heck. So dang good.

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    These photos are so beautiful! Such a great location too! I espesicially love the waterfall shots, amazing!

    Holly x

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    HOW LUCKY ARE YOuuu?! Incredible! I love it all, even your opening words. Breathtaking post <3

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    this is truly amazing!!

  • Matt & Jess said:

    We feel so fortunate to have had you two come along for the journey and document it all! Much love!

    Matt & Jess

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    An amazing set of images guys, you rock.

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    So freaking amazing! I love your work. You guys are Crazy talented x

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    Wow, this post is soooo so so amazing ! I love the shot on the bridge. And the one in the moss. And the one on the rocks, i love the contrast. And the ones with the waterfall.... Actually I love them all. You are so talented, and it is such a beautiful place ! Thanks for sharing with us

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    So beautiful and magical pictures!

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    Great work guys!

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    I'm extremely overwhelmed and delighted
    To have seen this post, it just reminds me of what love is about.

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    The lighting though!!! So serene, majestic and beautiful. Great captures!

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    epic, moody beauty that will stand the test of time.

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    Last two shots are the best shots in this series.

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    obsessed with everything about these. they are such a beautiful couple & these photos are to die for! love!!!
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