Downtown Portland Wedding | Emily + Alex

Emily and Alex. These two weirdos got married  in downtown Portland and I couldn’t be happier.

Emily is my (Sara’s) cousin; my beautiful, outgoing, full of life cousin.  Alex Rettman is the kind of guy you instantly want to hang out with. One of the nicest guys we know.  Together, they are an amazing force.  It was great to be a part of their wedding and we feel so lucky to call them family. <3

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  • Pedro Cardoso said:

    Holy frock! This is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Tremendous job, guys!

  • Jaakko Sorvisto said:

    Wow, reaally beutiful!

  • Danny said:

    These are hands down the best photos I've ever seen.

  • Britney said:

    beautiful people, beautiful wedding!

  • Lindsay Anne Dransfield said:

    These are sooo good. My favorite has got to be the one where the bride is crying and someone is wiping her tears. You all create magic again and again ^_^

  • sara lobla said:

    Great <3 i love this wedding.

  • Kirstie Jones said:

    OMG!! IT IS ALEX!!!!!! I KNOW HIM!

  • alexis sweet said:

    Oh my goodness. Her bridal portraits are beautiful. The ones of her crying with her girls make me melt.

  • Albert Palmer said:

    Stunning work dudes - you really know how to use light

  • Rachelle said:

    That first kiss shot is so killer. Great work!

  • Tomasz Wagner said:

    That shot in colour of the groom and his groomsmen under the bridge? So brilliant!

  • Jess White said:


  • mathias said:

    damn. i think these two take the cake for raddest / best looking couple. Seriously legit set of pictures.

  • Tim said:

    Jeez Louise! Yep that under the bridge colour shot is fantastic.

  • Andria Lindquist said:

    i wanted to look thru EACH and EVERY photo. incredible documenting you little hunnies. really really stunning images. one w her and stain glass window is bomb. you made that church look goooooood

  • Ross Harvey said:

    Super duper as always. Love you guys!

  • Paul Fuller said:

    Yeah don't know what to say really, epic will just have to do : )

  • /mariahedengren said:

    Awesomeness. This wedding. This couple. Plain awesomeness.

  • Christopher said:

    What a beautiful couple. You really captured some true raw emotion at this wedding. Great job.

  • caroline said:

    wooooooo. y'all, this is for real gorgeous.

  • tobiah said:

    wow - this is how to photograph a wedding. love your tones in your images and love love love the guys under the bridge photos

  • Becca Dilley said:

    Well, damn, I like everything about that.

  • Anton Chia said:

    I adore your style of wedding photos!

  • Gyozo said:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love the angles, lights, the use of color and everything. I'm wondering what lens do you use. I love it that you let us see the background, environment, too. Is it an 50 mm lens among others?

    • sarakbyrne said:

      httpss:// has the details!

  • Chiara said:

    Simply wonderful. Thank you for inspiring us!