Boise Wedding Photographer | Rachel+Jason-Champaign Illinois

Boise Wedding Photographers | Rachel+Jason | Champaign, Illinois Wedding


The love between Rachel and Jason is pretty incredible.  Hopefully our photographs have captured just a fraction of that love to share with you.  We flew to Champaign, Illinois and had an amazing time with them and their lovely families.  The wedding was stunning from start to finish and we were two of the luckiest wedding photographers to be a part of it.

Rachel and Jason Wedding photo

Wedding Photo 1

Wedding Photo 2

Wedding Photo 3

Wedding Photo 4

Wedding Photo 5

Wedding Photo 7

Wedding Photo 9

wedding photo 10

Wedding photo 11

wedding photo 12

wedding photo 38

wedding photo 13

wedding photo 26

wedding photo 14

wedding photo 36

wedding photo

wedding photo 25

wedding photo 15

wedding photo 16

wedding photo 17

wedding photo 18

wedding photo 19

wedding photo 20

wedding photo 21

wedding photo 22

wedding photo 23

wedding photo 24

wedding photo 26

wedding photo 27

wedding photo 28

wedding photo 32

wedding photo 37

wedding photo 38

wedding photo 29

wedding photo 30

wedding photo 31

wedding photo 39

wedding photo 40

wedding photo 40

wedding photo 41

wedding photo 42

wedding photo 43

wedding photo 44

wedding photo 45

wedding photo 46

wedding photo 47

wedding photo 48

wedding photo 49


15 Responses to Boise Wedding Photographers | Rachel+Jason | Champaign, Illinois Wedding

  1. Looks like a really fun wedding. Super job documenting Sara. Rachel and Jason, you two look amazing.

  2. Oh these are lovely. I love the shots of them in front of the car- great composition, beautiful shots.

  3. Beautiful beautiful images! Holy moly. The bride is gorgeous, the one with her sitting in the car, LOVE!

  4. julie

    omg, sara and dylan, you definately did a great job. Love them all. gaj

  5. Cool, and amazing, and funny, and beautiful. These are awesome.

  6. Love that B&W shot of them dancing. There’s so much love in that one shot.

  7. I adore those two black and whites of the bride and groom after the ride out of the ceremony. Classic, gorgeous photography from a modern storyteller. Well done!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding! Their church exit shots are my favorites – the joy on their faces is just so wonderful! especially with that flare! :)

  9. What a joyous looking day captured so beautifully. LOVE!

  10. Beautiful! Love the bridesmaids chain of getting dressed, and such great portraits throughout. Really beautiful couple and wedding!

  11. Gorgeous work, love your style

  12. What a charming couple! The bride is just lovely, and you did a great job of capturing so much sweetness throughout the day. Beautiful church images, too!

  13. Wow, you two…these are just GORGEOUS! Great coverage. Love your TS use and processing. Awesome set!

  14. beautiful photography! love the car shot!

  15. Probably one of the most beautiful photo sets I have ever seen. Great work!

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