Boise Wedding Photographer | Chicago in Black and White

Chicago in Black and White


We were able to spend a few days walking around Chicago during our trip, lovely city!  Highlights of our stay included: Wrigley Field, drinks on the 95th floor at the Hancock Building, Oktoberfest at Navy Pier, Chicago Art Institute, delicious Goose Island beer, taking a polaroid of the Bean, and lots of walking / shopping.

Chicago black and white photo

Chicago Art Institute photo

Central Camera Co photo

Central Camera Co photo

chicago white and black photo

Chicago black and white photo

chicago black and white photo

exit only photo

chicago in black and white photo

16 Responses to Chicago in Black and White

  1. Nan

    is the el station photo the Quincy stop? I used to get off there everyday when I worked in the loop….these are gorgeous. I wish I had known you were going…I would have loved for you to taken a pic of my old house- it is 6 houses from Wrigley Field.

  2. The fact that you did this all in black in white is brilliant. I love the feel of city you get from these. Fantastic job guys!!

  3. AH the lines in some of these images are incredible! The one looking up at the buildings is insane. Brilliant work.

  4. Love the building frames!

  5. These photos are out of the top drawer. Seriously talented. Lot’s of these are definitely wall hangers.

  6. Wonderful images, I bet they’d all look great big on the wall.

  7. I love city photography! Great feel to the set, and makes me want to visit!

  8. There’s something magical about the last frame. The light is gorgeous.

  9. agree about that last frame. killer

  10. Great BWs and of course images. Wish there were more to see!

  11. I just love b+w city shots. These make me want to visit Chicago.

  12. Great black and white photos! And your architectural photography is superb!

  13. These are stunning Sara! Great composition and great contrast!

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