About Us




Give me a lingering Portland sunrise and with cat on my lap and I’m a happy woman. With the food coma inducing amount of great food, coffee and unending natural beauty that surrounds this city, there’s no wondering why I call this place home. Even though I get to travel to some incredible corners of the world, being here has breathed new life into my work. It’s no secret that I love to be outside and that big epic scenery is a huge inspiration for my photography, but a strong love connection between two people inspires me more than any cliff or waterfall. I like people and I like stories, so getting to witness real love every weekend and curating that story with my camera is one of my favorite parts about shooting weddings. Being asked to join a couple on their most important day is something I take both great responsibility and joy in. So if I get a little caught up in the energy and emotion of it all, well, you’ll have to forgive me for loving what I do.




Somewhere on a rock overlooking an emerald swimming hole with a cascading waterfall in the background sits a steaming thermos. That thermos is half full, it is mine and I most probably just made the plunge. I run entirely on cappuccinos and insane views and although my life looks to most like full-time adventure, it has led me to my greatest work behind the camera. A Pacific Northwester from the beginning, Portland is now home for many reasons. With access to the surrounding mountains, the Columbia Gorge(short for gorgeous I think), the coast and the city life Portland offers I’m never short on things to point my camera at or places to ride my motorcycle to. I’m a man of few words, yet big on adventure and for me great adventures always include others. The reason I shoot weddings is simple; I like good humans and being around them on one of their best days. So let’s adventure together and find ourselves a swimming hole and a waterfall.

Note: No large sticks were hurt in the making of above photo.